Paulo Stagnaro

  Paulo Stagnaro

Home Studio Recordings

I have a great, compact, recording set up here at home in Brooklyn.  It allows me to have a huge selection of percussion instruments, effects, and overall sonic options at arm's length. It also eliminates the need to rent a moving van prior to every session.

Here you'll find a variety of different percussion tracks that I have recorded at home for various artists of different genres. Some of these are final mixes, others rough mixes. Some of the tracks are demos with the percussion up front in the mix so that the respective artist's could hear what what was recorded before the separate audio files were sent. Feel free to get in touch to talk about any ideas you might have for including percussion on your next project. Enjoy!!!

You can reach me by e-mail here.

Partial list of Percussion:

Congas, Batas, Timbales, Bongos, Udu, Various Frame Drums, Pandeiro, Surdo, Rebolo, Djembes, Timbau, Cajon, Doumbek, Darbuka, Sogo, Bombo, Minor Latin Percussion, Minor Brazilian Percussion, Array of effects cymbals, Arsensal of sound effects and textures.